Electromagnetic radiation enter unprotected area of the inner ear, brain & the blood cells when phone in use.

Electromagnetic radiation is harmonized & neutralized and does not effect the user when GREEN 8 is attached.

GREEN 8 & Transformer products are guaranteed for total satisfaction. These products are developed to clean & ease the burden of the earth’s atmosphere by neutralizing & harmonizing electromagnetic radiation. Green 8 & Transformer products offer constant, lasting & reliable protection & prevent ruining of cells.

Fatigue disappears & people in the vicinity feel more powerful & energetic as the BOVIS value in the area increases.


Place GREEN 8 Cell Phone Harmonizer under /over the battery of your mobile phone.

Place GREEN 8 Smart Harmonizer under /over the battery of your smart phone.

Place GREEN 8 Tablet inside the Laptop, iPad, Notebook, Computers & the like.

Place GREEN 8 Home & Office Harmonizer under the table /bed to harmonize stress zones and creating comfortable and harmonic atmosphere.

Place T 23 Vehicle Harmonizer in the door / glove compartment or supress under the doormat or seat of car, airplane, truck, bus or train with GPRS navigation & cell / smartphone communication & bluetooth hands free speaking.

Wear T 24 Body Harmonizer in your neck at solar plexus level which builds up & enhances body’s own energy field.

Place T 25 Food Harmonizer inside the refrigerator for protection of food from radiation & genetically engineered food.

Place T 22 100 Wi Fi Harmonizer in office with computers coonected with Wi Fi modem / routers and other electronic automation systems.

Place T 28 4G Tower EMF Harmonizer if a Cell phone tower is near your house / office building.

Health & Life is our own responsibility.

Mobiles cell / cordless / satellite phones should be used if necessary or in case of an emergency. Duration of such call should be precise & short.

  • Never allow children to use mobile & wireless phones.
  • Never serve microwave heated milk or food to infants & children.
  • Patients must consult a physician before using mobile / cordless phones.
  • Mobile cell phone should be switched off at night & placed 5 meters away.
  • Never use computers / TV / CD players for longer durations.
  • Use land line if available.
  • Mobile phones should be used for brief communication only.

Green 8 India offers total radiation protection solution which is easy to use, effective, puts away pains, protects against damaging & disintegration of cells. Green 8 & Transformers are GERMAN radiation protection solutions for protection from radiation emitted by cell phone towers, masts, satellite & the like.

New: The new Gold series is available. The best GREEN 8 GOLD yet.

I feel better, safer, relaxed...

Peter R., Amberg

“ I have been using GREEN 8 GOLD for my smartphone for a week now. Before, I always got headaches and hot ears after longer calls. With GREEN 8 GOLD this discomfort went away entirely. ”