All Electrical, electronic & radio frequency technologies produce electromagnetic radiation. These manmade electro magnetic frequency & radiation behave differently than natural radiation.

Mobile Cell Phone tower emit electro magnetic radiation disturbing & disrupting human biological processes by changing multiplication & behavior of blood cells & creating stress on the human body.


EMF and its impact

The sinister of EMF (electro magnetic frequency) is that it cannot be perceived by the human sensory organs.

Our exposure to radiation shall always be present.

With over 3 billion mobile phones across the world, a dense network of mobile communication transmitters is required & practically there is no escape from these radiation emissions anymore. In addition to above, we are daily consuming radiation from cordless phones, PCs, Wi Fi and such electronic devices.

EMF disrupt the natural life cycle by interfering with and changing our biological processes. It manifests itself as stress for body and mind. The body then tries to counteract this imbalance, which, due to constant exposure, is impossible. Therefore, the body is in a state of perpetual adjustment, which results in a weakened immune system and symptoms such as headaches, inner tension, stress and lethargies arise.

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