Radiation Protection Products
T28 4G Cell Tower

Highly recommended for people living close to mobile cell phone towers.....

 35000 /-
T22 100 Wi Fi

Recommended for Wi Fi offices for stress free & fresh working enviro...

 12500 /-
Green 8 Smart Phone

Ultra thin high tech foil designed for all smart cell phones & cordl...

 2000 /-
T 23 Vehicle

Neutralizing blue tooth, wireless communication in cars, trucks & Ae...

 4500 /-
T 24 Body

Worn in the neck, placed exactly at solar plexus neutralizes Electromagn...

 2500 /-
T 25 Food

Neutralizes radiation & protects fruits & vegetables and increas...

 2500 /-
Green 8 Room

Harmonizes stress zone & creates comfortable & harmonic atmosphe...

 4000 /-
Green 8 Tablet

Designed for harmonizing radiation from laptops, Microwave, Tablets etc....

 2500 /-
Green 8 Mobile

Designed & recommended for all cell phones, cordless phones & ra...

 1500 /-

New: The new Gold series is available. The best GREEN 8 GOLD yet.

I feel better, safer, relaxed...

Peter R., Amberg

“ I have been using GREEN 8 GOLD for my smartphone for a week now. Before, I always got headaches and hot ears after longer calls. With GREEN 8 GOLD this discomfort went away entirely. ”