Product Detail
T28 4G Cell Tower

Highly recommended for people living close to mobile cell phone towers..

Transformer T 28 4G optimized for 4th generation technology; is a perfect solution for people exposed to high levels of electro magnetic radiation because of their staying around in close vicinity of mobile cell phone towers, masts, telecommunication systems & such transmitters.

The positive effect on human organism is immediately noticeable. Discomfort such as stress, inner tension, headaches, sleep disorder vanishes and there is a significant boost in the energy levels. Customers across the world report that they feel more fresh, balanced, productive & energetic & they had sound sleep & woke up fresh.

Plastic Plate Size : 8 mm X 330 mm x 330 mm

Recommended : T28 4G : For radiation & stress free living, protects up to 33 Meters in radius.



New: The new Gold series is available. The best GREEN 8 GOLD yet.

I feel better, safer, relaxed...

Peter R., Amberg

“ I have been using GREEN 8 GOLD for my smartphone for a week now. Before, I always got headaches and hot ears after longer calls. With GREEN 8 GOLD this discomfort went away entirely. ”