What does Harmonizing of electromagnetic radiation mean?

Harmonizing & Neutralizing of electro magnetic radiation means that the electro magnetic frequency / radiation are made compatible with the human biological system and are no longer harmful to the human body or any biological system.

How do Green 8 & Transformers neutralize radiation?

Harmful radiation will be neutralized by changing the negative polarity to positive polarity of the electro magnetic radiation. Green 8 & Transformers create an inverse interference against unwanted pathogenic frequency information thereby eliminating the harmful effects on human body.

What are Green 8 & Transformer products TRANSFORMING?

Every human body & system runs on a frequency e.g. flow of current of blood. Green 8 & transformers transform the characteristic of the radiation polarity which does not relate / match with that of the human body & biological frequencies. Any unwanted frequency & pressure on the human body create stress & negative effects.

Why not Physical test methods?

The traditional expectation we all have is to measure the radiation & that the radiation values should change with the use of a Green 8 & transformers and / or any radiation protection product. This does not happen as the radiation is still there, radiation can’t be taken away. Green 8 & transformer products neutralize the harmful effects of radiation.

What is important?
  • Any bad feelings such as having Headaches, Hot Ears and any kind of pain will disappear : best proof for any person.
  • Please watch the live test video’s to see the effectiveness of the products.
  • Products last a Life time unless damaged but manufacturer recommends changing them every 3 years.
  • Every human body is different, hence different results.
  • Green 8 products are protecting against cell damaging.
  • Green 8 products will balance and send additional positive energy.
Do we need protection from radiation?

The dramatic rise of electromagnetic radiation has become a high risk for human, biological system, atmosphere & the planet.

This is due to tremendous increase of wireless communication. Billions of mobiles in the world & satellite radiation are transmitting high rates of data for GPS / GSM, computer & internet applications.

Tobacco in any form is bad & causes cancer and to understand this little fact, it has taken us over 50 years to understand. Similar, is the case of electro magnetic radiation. Hence, we must call it a day & protect ourselves.

Is electromagnetic radiation harmful for human bodies?

Radiation works with electro-magnetic codes. The human system, our brain also works on such codes. The additional radiation, caused by technical devices or by earth magnetic field itself, create for entire organism a dissonant stress situation. Long term imbalances are reducing the human defense system and will have biological consequences for the body.

All answers are based up on actual performance of GREEN 8 & Transformer products, the actual knowledge & several tests conducted on people across the world.

Qualified Testing was conducted in 1999 & 2000 at the “Institute of Potential Research” Vienna; using PROGNOS SYSTEM (developed by Russian Air Space for astronauts ). The Test was done on several human based on the biofeedback Test method. Testing the stress factors of the body with and without GREEN 8 as protection tool – the test shows impressive results.

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I feel better, safer, relaxed...

Peter R., Amberg

“ I have been using GREEN 8 GOLD for my smartphone for a week now. Before, I always got headaches and hot ears after longer calls. With GREEN 8 GOLD this discomfort went away entirely. ”