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The future is here, now.

Since 2003, GREEN 8 INDIA, a DENSONS GROUP Company estd. 1965 has been educating, marketing & selling radiation protection quality GERMAN products to harmonize & neutralize electromagnetic radiation & geopathic stress zones. Green 8 solutions are effectively & successfully being used worldwide and increasingly being recommended by physicians, homeopaths, therapists & health professionals in order to counterbalance pathogenic disharmonies & to balance personal well being.

Green 8 & Transformers products are optimized & adapted to 3rd & 4th generation (3G & 4G) universal mobile telecommunication systems (UMTS). The 3G technology is the prerequisite for enabling video transmissions, GPS capability and comfortable web surfing in so-called smartphones i.e. Iphone, Black Berry, Samsung, Nokia as these smart phones are accompanied with high levels of radiation exposure. GREEN 8 & Transformer products are regularly adapted, optimized & updated with latest technologies, so as to provide necessary protection.


Technology : In harmony with nature.

GREEN 8 INDIA’s objective is to contribute to the well being of the human, animals & the plants so as to establish hormonal work environment & living conditions. GREEN 8 & transformer products are designed to improve the quality of life, minimize electro stress & radiation exposures, improving physical and mental well-being lastingly.

Besides test results, our customers’ experience is vital to us. The confirmation of a positive effect, the enthusiasm, the astonishment and happiness we find in users reports from across the world, document our mission to offer effective radiation protection solutions to affected individuals and support our vision of more energy and harmony.

New: The new Gold series is available. The best GREEN 8 GOLD yet.

I feel better, safer, relaxed...

Peter R., Amberg

“ I have been using GREEN 8 GOLD for my smartphone for a week now. Before, I always got headaches and hot ears after longer calls. With GREEN 8 GOLD this discomfort went away entirely. ”