What is the Green 8?
Green 8 products have energy stored on a plastic sheet, which changes the effects of manmade electromagnetic frequencies. Green 8 reduces electro stress on human body when exposed to synthetically produced EMF’s. Green 8 prevents further body damages & improves life naturally.
Green 8 products attract atmospheric energies & influence cell phone radiation thereby correcting & altering electro magnetic frequency to match with that of human bio field.
What is a “Bio-Field”?
The natural current / frequency which move the blood & fluids inside the body is termed as bio field.
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It is about securing the ecology, Protecting the environment, experiencing purity, harmony & vitality, we present a comprehensive product line that has been tried & tested successfully & extensively by sensitive consumers worldwide for total mobile radiation protection.

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Cell phones, 3G & 4G smart phones, Mobile Cell phone towers, Satellite frequencies, Wi Fi technologies are necessarily a part of today’s life.

Radiation is invisible; radiation can not be reduced nor stopped. More and more people are feeling the brunt of increased electromagnetic radiation. On the pages ahead, you will feel the importance & necessity on radiation awareness.

Cell Phones, Smart phones, Tablets, Wi Fi & Mobile phone towers emit radiation which can cause CANCER